Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors of RGC Resources, Inc. has established practices and guidelines intended to promote a culture of integrity and accountability and to provide an overall structure for the operation of the Board and its committees. These practices and guidelines are subject to the requirements of the Code of Ethics, Committee Charters and Bylaws of the Company, as well as applicable law.


Nancy Howell Agee
CEO - Carilion Clinic

Abney S. Boxley, III
President - Boxley Family, LLC

T. Joe Crawford
Retired Vice President & General Manager - Steel Dynamics Roanoke Bar Division

Maryellen F. Goodlatte
Retired Attorney & Counsel - Glenn, Feldmann, Darby & Goodlatte

J. Allen Layman
Private Investor & Retired President & CEO - Ntelos, Inc.

Jacqueline L. Archer
President and Chief Executive Officer - Blue Ridge Beverage Company, Inc.

Elizabeth A. McClanahan
CEO - Virginia Tech Foundation

Robert Johnston
Chief Strategy Officer - The InterTech Group, Inc.

John B. Williamson, III
Chairman - RGC Resources, Inc.

Paul W. Nester
President & CEO - RGC Resources, Inc.

Compensation Committee

  • Nancy Howell Agee

Abney S. Boxley III
J. Allen Layman
T. Joe Crawford

Assists the Board in fulfilling its oversite responsibilities relating to the compensation of the Company's directors and executive officers.

Compensation Committee Charter

Audit Committee

  • Abney S. Boxley III

Jacqueline L. Archer
T. Joe Crawford
Maryellen F. Goodlatte

Reviews and assesses the Company's processes to manage financial reporting risk and to manage investment, tax, and other financial risks. It also reviews the Company's policies for risk assessment and the steps management has taken to control significant risks, except those delegated by the Board to other committee members.

Audit Committee Charter

Governance and Nominating Committee

  • Maryellen F. Goodlatte

Nancy Howell Agee
J. Allen Layman
Elizabeth A. McClanahan

Responsible for the oversite of a broad range of issues surrounding the composition and operation of the Board, including identifying individuals qualified to become Board members, recommending nominees for Board election, and recommending to the Board governance principles. It also provides assistance to the Board in the areas of committee member selection and rotation practices, evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the Board, and consideration of developments in corporate governance practices.

Governance Committee Charter


Paul W. Nester
President & CEO

Timothy J. Mulvaney
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Lawrence T. Oliver
Sr. Vice President, Regulatory and External Affairs

C. James Shockley, Jr.
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Roanoke Gas Company

C. Brooke Miles
Vice President, Human Resources